Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hair Affair


Salvatore Ferragamo Inspired Hair Tie - $7.90 Mailed

Now $3.90 Mailed!

These Salvatore Ferragamo inspired hair ties are as lovely as a summer's day
and functional either to jazz up your outfit or to hold your hair up on a hot sunny day!
Choose from 6 lovely designs.

All Sold Out only Mustard Stripes & Strawberry Stripes Available.

Pink Floral
All Sold Out!
Blue Floral
All Sold Out!
Mustard & White Stripes
Green & White Polka Dots
 All Sold Out!
Blue & Pink Hearts
All Sold Out!
Strawberry & Stripes



Bunny Ears Hair Tie - $7.90 Mailed

Now $4.90 Mailed!

These Bunny Ears hair ties are not only adorable to look at,
they are functional too!
Channel Korean or Kawaii style with these Bunny Ears hair ties that are oh so adorable!
Choose from 4 yummy designs. 

All Sold Out!

Pink & White Polka Dots 
All Sold Out!
Grey & Pink Polka Dots 
All Sold Out!
Blue & White Nautical Stripes
All Sold Out!
Yellow & White Stripes
All Sold Out!

Nautical Stripe Bow - Was  $7.90 Mailed

Now $3 Mailed!

Perfect little nautical bows to jazz up your outfit! 

Be it  worn on the side of your head or adorning your cute bun, 

this nautical bow is definitely not to be missed!

2 designs to choose from.

Blue & Red Stripes

All Sold Out!
Red & White Stripes

Fluffy Mesh Hair Tie - Was $7.90 Mailed 

Now $3 Mailed!

Aren't these little darlings the cutest?

All fluffy, sugary and sweet yummy!!

Comes in 2 tantalizing colours :)

 Hazelnut & creme

 Strawberries & creme

Lil' Sailorette headband- Was $9.90 Mailed 

Now $6 Mailed!

 Ahoy there mate!

Simply can't get enough of the nautical style?

That's why we brought in this nautical printed Alice band :)

Channel the lil' sailorette chic with this number!

1 piece left for each colour!
 Black Sailorette

Navy Sailorette

Colour Me Tangerine Alice Band - $7.90 Mailed

Now $4 Mailed!

Tangerine, oh Tangerine why art thou so bright, lovely and cheery?

Specially handpicked by us because we love how cheerful this piece is :)

Set to brighten up your day and your outfit with this sunshine colour!

Comes in 2 designs.

Totally Tangerine All Sold Out! Only Tangerine Blooms Available.

 Totally Tangerine & Tangerine Blooms

 Totally Tangerine
All Sold Out!

 Tangerine Blooms

The Vintage Scarf Alice Band- $9.90 Mailed

 Channel lady-like vintage glamour with this unique piece :)

All Sold Out!



Retrolicious PolkaBug Alice Band- Was $9.90 Mailed

Now $6!

Polka dots meet lady bugs in this piece.

Two of our favourites combined, totally adorable.

Need we say more? :) 

Last Piece!


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therefore they come in very limited quantities :)

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