Monday, 7 November 2011

New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Thank you for all your support, this necklace collection is ALL SOLD OUT! 
**Scroll down for our SALE! bag collection :)


Je' taime Paris Necklace - $9.90 Mailed
Perfect necklace for adding a touch of romance to your outfit.
Brownie points for its simple design and versatility!

(All Sold Out!)

Length of Pendant: 51mm
Width of Pendant: 37mm
Length of Chain: 360mm

The Quirky Owl Necklace - $9.90 Mailed
Mr HootHoot decided to go crazy 
with his fashion choices this week
and chose a bright orange top 
to match his adorable blue eyes!
A simple but eye catching piece set to jazz up your outfit!
(All Sold Out!)

Length of Pendant: 42mm
Width of Pendant: 24mm
Length of Chain: 360mm

The Vintage Floral Necklace - $9.90 Mailed
Lovely floral pendant surrounded by rustic gold carvings 
that give it a vintage feel. 
A must have accessory for all vintage clothes lovers :)
(All Sold Out!)

Length of Pendant: 47mm
Width of Pendant: 34mm
Length of Chain: 380mm

The Eiffel Tower Charm Necklace - $11.90 Mailed
A Marc Jacobs inspired piece.
Fall in love with this charm necklace 
in the shape of the Eiffel Tower
embellished with topaz coloured gemstones.
(All Sold Out!)

Length of Pendant: 85mm
Width of Pendant: 35mm
Length of Chain: 350mm


The Little Lady Satchel - $24.90 Mailed
SALE NOW $19.90 Mailed
A perfect satchel for a simple day out. 
Sweet and chic, this bag scores brownie points for its versatility and ability to fit your IPad! :)


Across: 10"
Height: 9.5"
Depth: 5"
Length of Strap: 33" to 43"

The Emerald Green Hand Bag - $24.90 Mailed
SALE NOW $16.90 Mailed
 Dressed up or simple? 
This hand bag is perfect for either a simple day out 
or jazzed up with a scarf to give a dressier feel. 
Brownie points for its unique colour and versatility!
Comes with a detachable pouch.

Across: 17" Top, 13.5" Bottom
Height: 9"
Depth: 5.5"
Length of Strap: 22" to 43"

The Mailman Satchel in Rose - $24.90 Mailed
A simple bag that adds colour and character to your outfit. 
Perfect for a day out and about! :)
Bonus points for versatility and being able to fit your Ipad!

All Sold Out!

 Across: 12.7"
Height: 10"
Depth: 3.5"
Length of Strap: 27" to 52"

Summer Florals Shoulder Bag - $19.90 Mailed
Sale Now 12.90 Mailed

Day out shopping with the girls? 
Or a day for some picnic fun at Marina Barrage?
This bag is perfect for any of those days!
Comes in happy hues with a detachable floral clip :)

Across: 16.5"
Height: 10"
Depth: 3"
Length of Strap: 24.5"

Normal Postage : Free
Registered Postage : Additional $2.50 - 1 to 3 Items
Additional $3.50 - 4 to 6 Items
on top of the quoted price.
All parcels will be sent out within 3 working days
To place an order, simply click on the Order Form tab and fill up the order form :)
Thank You!