Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Cinderella's Purse - $4.90 Mailed
Pearl and gemstone encrusted earring in the shape of Cinderella's purse! 
Sweet and pretty :)
Comes in 2 colours.

 Pearl Pink
  Pearl White

Floral Heart - $4.90 Mailed
Pretty little colourful blooms come together to form a heart.
Its the little things that make our day happy!

All Sold Out! 

Classic Black Beetle - $4.90 Mailed
Adorable little beetle in classic black.
Perfect for adding some interesting details to your outfit!


The Owlet Series
As you can tell from The Little Treasure Trove's previous collections, 
We ♥ Owls!!! :)
 So we present to you our Owlet Earring series!
Choose from a wide array of colourful owlets 
in all different shapes and sizes!  

The Colourful Owlets - $2.90 Mailed
These owls have colourful plumage that 
are so cheerful and attractive!
Brighten up your outfit with one of 
these cheerful little darlings! :)
Choose from 3 colours.

Ms Sunshine & Ms Pastel All Sold Out!
Little Ms Sweet Available! 

Ms Sunshine
Ms Pastel
Little Ms Sweet 
(She's slightly smaller than her sisters ;)

The Blue Eyed Darlings - $4.90 Mailed
These little darlings come in two colours, 
Cherry Pink and Mystic Black.
Besides looking totally adorable, 
they've got blue eyes to add to their charm!

Cherry Pink Available, Mystic Black All Sold Out!

The Feather Rufflers - $4.90 Mailed
These owls are called Feather Rufflers simply 
because their plumage are texturised!
They are 3D and have popping onyx eyes.
Unique and special in their own way!  
Choose from 2 designs. 

Ms Mint
Ms Turquoise

The Bejewelled Trio - $5.90 Mailed
These 3 lovely ladies are so pretty!
Adorned with a colourful coat and bejewelled eyes,
They are the belles at the ball.
Choose from 3 lovely colours :)

Ms Classy in Black & Ms Congeniality in Blush All Sold Out! 
Ms Exuberant Last 2 Pieces!

Ms Classy in Black
All Sold Out!
Ms Exuberant in Fuschia
Ms Congeniality in Blush
All Sold Out!

The Pearl Bellied Cousin - $5.90 Mailed
This little miss is the cousin our bejewelled trio!
She's got bejewelled plumage and
a pearl belly which makes her stand out!
Really pretty girl :)
All Sold Out!

Seen anything you like?
Hurry! These pieces are handpicked by us
therefore, they are very limited!
Send us your order form today! :)

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