Friday, 13 April 2012

New Arrivals

New Arrivals 


Polka Dot Loves - $6.90 Mailed
Sweetest little rings featuring adorable ladybugs 
with different polka dot designs.
Comes in 3 different designs

Little Miss Heather
Little Miss Daisy
Little Miss Charlotte

Diameter: 18mm
Adjustable width.

The Owlets - $6.90 Mailed
The cutest little rings featuring adorable owlettes 
from different families :)
Comes in 3 different designs

Mr Hoot Hoot & Family
Mr Solo Yellow
Mr Kooky & Family
(All Sold Out!)

Diameter: 18mm
Adjustable Width.

Vintage Ring Series - $6.90 Mailed
Perfect for that vintage dress you have :) 
Comes in 3 different designs

1)Kitten Love
2) Ballerina Love
3) Baby Love

Diameter: 18mm
Adjustable Width.

The Vintage Rose Ring - $9.90 Mailed
Pretty rose carving on a white base, 
gemstone encrusted at the sides.
A really pretty piece!


Diameter: 19mm
Non adjustable.

Dainty Rose Ring - $9.90 Mailed
The prettiest ring in this collection!
Pink rosebud with a gemstone attached.


Diameter: 18mm
Non adjustable.

The Twirly Whirly Snake Ring - $9.90 Mailed
Totally adorable ring that dresses up your finger!
The body and eyes of the snake are embellished with gemstones.
Really pretty piece :) 
Comes in 2 yummy colours.

Classic Black
Refreshing Turquoise

Diameter: 18mm
Non adjustable.

The Colourful Owlets - $8.90 Mailed
Adorable little owlets embellished with colourful gemstones. 
These little darlings are just the cutest!
Choose your favourite colour :)

Refreshing Turquoise
Blushing Fuchsia
Charming Tangerine

Diameter: 19mm (Charming Tangerine)
18mm ( Refreshing Turquoise & Blushing Fuchsia)

Mr Gingy - $9.90 Mailed
An adorable ring featuring Mr Gingerbread from Shrek!
Totally encrusted with gemstones,
 this cute little guy will put a smile on your face cos he's smiling at you too! :)
Available in White, Turquoise & Pink

Diameter: 18mm 
Non adjustable.

Fatally Yours Heart Ring - $9.90 Mailed
This ring features a gemstone encrusted hear with wings.
Bring out the ROCKER side of you to rock the biker chic look!
Or an edgy addition to your sweet outfit :)
Available in 3 colours.



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